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If MS. meets your selection criteria, is applicable to the
curriculum taught in your school and/or is of general interest
to the patrons you serve, how can you not buy it??
We have had MS. for many years. It is indexed in most of the
periodical indexing services. Students have accessed the articles
for use in papers, usually regarding contemporary issues.  We
have had no challenges.  We also have the Changing Bodies...
title you referred to and it has not been challenged yet.
Diane Durbin is right, every title is subject to challenge
by anyone for any reason.
IN AMERICA by Joan Delfattore. In the first 100 pages you will
see that even when the censors lose, they may win in a situation
similar to yours. If they lost the challenge to Changing Bodies...,
still note that you are hesitant to purchase something likely
to cause a stir. In that way, they win.  They are sanitizing your
collection by increasing your anxiety about the possible challenges.
Buy MS.!!
Linda Fox
Colonie High School
Albany, NY

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