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Thank you for the quick (very quick) responses to my query about the
poem "The Ants at the Olympics"! Two asked for a HIT so here it is!

The poem "The Ants at the Olympics" by Richard Digance is on page 177
of The Random House Book of Poetry for Children, selected by Jack
Prelutsky & illustrated by Arnold Lobel, c1983. (Grangers On-line see

Check here:

The Ants at the Olympics by Richard Digance

At last year's Jungle Olympics,
the Ants were completely outclassed.
In fact, from an entry of sixty-two teams,
the Ants came their usual last.

They didn't win one single medal.
Not that that's a surprise.
The reason was not lack of trying,
but more of their unfortunate size.

While the cheetahs won most of the sprinting
and the hippos won putting the shot,
the Ants tried sprinting but couldn't,
and tried to put but could not.

It was sad for the ants 'cause they're sloggers.
They turn out for every event.
With their shorts and bright orange tee-shirts,
their athletes are proud they are sent.

They came last at the high jump and hurdles,
which they say they'd have won, but they fail.
They came last in the four hundred meters
and last in the swimming as well.

They came last in the long-distance running,
though they say they might come first.
And they might if the other sixty-one teams
hadn't put in a finishing burst.

But each year they turn up regardless.
They're popular in the parade.
The other teams whistle and cheer them,
aware of the journey they've made.

For the Jungle Olympics in August,
they have set off on New Year's Day.
They didn't arrive the year before last.
They set off but when the wrong way.

So long as they try there's a reason.
After all, it's only a sport.
They'll be back next year to bring up the rear,
and that's an encouraging thought.

Kate Stirk, Media Specialist
Annunciation Catholic Academy, Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA

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