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I have been lurking for a while and very much liked the friendly and helpful
reaction of people to the LA quake. Including the offers of phone calls. I
live in LA and got shoken up quite a bit. My bookshelfs basically exploded
:(. Nothing serious or irreplacable though :) . For a while e-mail was the
only connection to the outside world.  This is really what the Internet is
about: bringing people together, allowing "normal" people to help each

So I thought I share this with the group: my Internet access provider (DHM)
had a great idea. Last December they started to offer personalized licence
plate frames to their subscribers. On the top it says INTERNET and on the
bottom they put your e-mail address. Mine looks like this:

                         |                  |
                         |                  |
                         |                  |
                         |                  |

They are black with white lettering and cost about $11 - I think. I haven't
gotten any e-mail yet and am still wondering who is going to be the first
person that will send me e-mail... But at the very least its a better use for
a licence plate frame than advertising for my car dealer. Send me e-mail if
you want one. Or contact them directly at info@dhm.com.

Keep up the spirit of the Internet! And send me e-mail if anybodys needs a
phone call in LA. Like, when the rest of the US breaks of and slides into the
atlantic... ;)


PS. Would anybody be interested in creating a database of people that are
    willing to make phone calls to loved ones in case of desaster? I
    talked to the people at DHM and they would be willing to donate the
    computer resources provided that I "do all the work".

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