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        Powerful idea Floyd!  Setting up a booth at the Missouri Association
of School Librarians to enable attendees to write to their Congressmen seems
like a very effective and creative way to underscore one of the ways AASL
works for the profession while involving them in the process, i.e. the
association is only as powerful and effective as members make it.  Beyond that
it initiate a communication process for some that has not occurred before --
there are those who talke about writing to their congressional representatives
but do not follow through.
        I have an additional suggestion.  I would hope that some, if not all
of our legislators have email addresses.  Providing a list of these names
and email addresses would help people communicate online with legislators.
If possible, set up a computer in the booth that would people send messages
online right on the spot.
Marjorie Pappas
Wright State University
Dayton, OH

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