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I have been asked by Pam Berger to compose an article which
deals with the use of Consent Forms and access to the
Internet.  Recently this issue has been addressed by several
LM_NETters who have either asked for or provided copies of
their forms.  I was among the latter.

When Pam first brought up the possibility of an article based
on the reasons we use a form, my first reaction was one of
hesitancy.  At this moment, it seems like the form just came
about because it was needed.  Upon further reflection, there
were definite reasons which I will not dwell on now because
they may become part of the article and I don't want to put
words in anyone else's mouth :-).

What I would appreciate receiving from you are responses to
the following:

1.  Please give a brief description of the level with which
    you are/were affiliated.  I am/was affiliated with

     a.  K-12 environment
     b.  College/University level
     c.  Public LIbrary
     d.  At large

2.  Do you use a Consent/Agreement Form?  {If yes, please send me a copy in
    electronic form and hardcopy.}

     a.  For students?
     b.  For faculty?
     c.  For administration?

3.  Why do you use the form?

4.  If you use a form,
     a.  Are they working?
     b.  What comments/reactions have you received about it,
         if any?
     c.  Are you going to continue using it?
     d.  Have you modified it in any way since you began to
         use it?  How?  Why?
     e.  Do you recommend that others use one too?  Why?  Why

5.  If you are not using a form, why not?

6.  If you were working in a K-12 environment, would you use
    a Consent Form?

     a.  Why?  and For whom?
     b.  Why not?

7.  If you were working in a College or University, would you
    use a Consent Form?

     a.  Why?  and For whom?
     b.  Why not?

8.  Any additional comments would be appreciated:

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