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Koleta Tilson brings up the point that Information Power should be implemented
through the regional accreditation agencies.  I agree wholeheartedly with
and Amen afterward!  But what can I do to help get such a process going?  I
am so busy in the trenches dealing with an administration who wants my
card catalog up-to-date for the visit in two months from the Southeastern
Accreditation Team--while I am in the process of automating the cataloging--
expected to be done in time for the visit--(just one example of how my
administration deals with priorities differing greatly from IP)
  I have tried for 5 years to get my district to start the process of
implementing IP--and we have made negligable (sp?) progress.  We have no
media specialist above the building level except the state person to help
us.  We have administrators who do not understand IP or how to bring it about.
 The only way I see for us to implement IP is through the accrediting agencies--
and shouldn't we see that they expect it to be implemented anyway?  Freida

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