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Hello Troy H. S. participants,  Greetings from the tip of Texas
(Brownsville, Texas).  I hope you enjoy your workshop.  If by the time the
workshop is over you are still not sure about TENET or INTERNET don't
worry when all of us start we have the same feeling.

On Wed, 26 Jan 1994, Margaret Cargo wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> We will be holding a workshop on the Internet at Troy H.S. in Fullerton,
> CA on January 31. I would appreciate it if some of you would send
> greetings to the workshop participants (Fullerton High School District
> librarians, teachers and librarians from the Fullerton Public Library). As
> part of the participants' lessons for the day, we will attempt to create
> a mailing list of those who have sent us greetings so that we can send you a
> big (but hopefully not earthshaking) thank you.
> Looking forward to hearing from you. Please send greetings by Jan. 30 so
> that they will be in my mailbox by Jan. 31.
> Marge Cargo (mcargo@eis.calstate.edu)
> ********************************************************
> *      Marge Cargo - Librarian/Media Specialist        *
> *    Troy High School - Fullerton Union H.S. District  *
> *    2200 E. Dorothy Lane     Fullerton, CA USA 92631  *
> *    Phone: 714-870-3618            FAX: 714-526-7630  *
> *****************mcargo@ctp.org*************************

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