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Update on the Elementary and Secondary School Library Media Act.  This
important Federal legislation is being discussed NOW by the Elementary and
Secondary and Vocational Education Committee.  They are planning to tack
this bill, as an amendment, on to the Improving Americas Schools Act.  The
new bill number would be HR3130.  ALA says this is a very positive step.
The committee will vote NEXT Tuesday, Feb.1, 94.  School ibrarians must
call their representatives in the House of Representatives IMMEDIATELY.
New York State residents please call Rep. Susan Molinari 202-225-3371 and
Rep. Elliott Engell 202-225-2464.  Both are on the Elem. & Sec. & Voc. Ed.
Comm.  School librarians in other states please call your reps. in the
house and urge them to contact their colleagues on this comm.  Bill HR3130
must be passed by the committe and go forward.  Make that phone call.
Thanks, Judy James.

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