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> From justin!MAILER-DAEMON Fri Jan 28 09:01:19 1994
> Message-Id: <m0pPYoJ-0008GlC@ll.pbs.org>
> Date: Thu, 27 Jan 94 10:39 EST
> From: <MAILER-DAEMON@justin.ll.pbs.org>
> To: llwnet!sn14421
> Hi ,
>    I just transferred to a high school library (3 days a week) and a junior
> high library (2 days a week).  I was originally in an elementary school
> library.  There are ten elementary schools in my district (Clarkstown), we
> have scheduled classes.  Each class in the school has library one period a
> week.  It is used as prep time for the classroom teacher.  In addition to
> library each class has art, music and 2 PE periods a week.  In some of the
> schools there are other scheduled library periods for research, story
> telling, etc.
>   In the high school we have flexible scheduling with teachers bringing
> their classes to work on a particular project.  The classroom teacher works
> out the schedule with us.  (These projects are subject teacher initated.)
>   In the junior high, we have scheduled classes in art, music, technology and
> health at the beginning of each quarter.  These classes are scheduled by the
> librarian and the department chairman.  Each class comes to the library once
> for a (canned) lesson., including writing a bibliography  and some kind of a
> report, which is graded by the subject teacher.  After the scheduled classes
> are completed the library returns to flexible scheduling for the rest of the
> quarter.
>   In both the high school and junior high school the library is also used by
> students during their study hall, lunch periods and before and after school.
> Barbara Gottlock
> Clarkstown South High School & Felix Festa Junior High
> School
> West Nyack , NY
> E-mail address: sn14421@llwnet.ll.pbs.org

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