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Magazine info thanks 06/30/94 Joan Brown
-=- Pine Email Attachments to transfer files between mainframes 07/01/94 Wade E. Grimes
-=- Specifying Pine Options (fwd) 07/01/94 Wade E. Grimes
TARGET->electronic resources for elementary schools 07/01/94 Donna Shannon
Re: LM_NET Digest - 30 Jun 1994 to 1 Jul 1994 07/01/94 Mark J. Yannie 407-823-0070
Reading Incentive Program 07/01/94 Lydia Brantley
Re: Books on tape 07/02/94 Debbie Athanases
Re: New job, 07/02/94 Debbie Athanases
Legislation status S.1513 and HR 6 07/02/94 Charles White
HIT>Stacker vs. Disk Doubler 07/02/94 Jacqueline A.C. Keith (Jackie)
-=- INCOMPLETE GUIDE TO INTERNET 07/02/94 Wade E. Grimes
Re: Reading Incentive Program 07/03/94 Tamah Graber
Change Newsletter 550 lines; Restruct 07/03/94 Charles White
Re: Fairy tales 07/03/94 Jill Feuerhelm (503) 461-7250
Re: Library Reference Pre/Post Test 07/04/94 Global SchoolNet Fdn (FrEdMail)
CD Rom Multiple Use 07/04/94 Pat Gail Sebastian
Laura Ingalls Wilder 07/04/94 Terri Toppler
Media Specialist Opening 07/04/94 Betty Anne Smith
Children's radio 07/04/94 Betty Anne Smith
Picture Book Folktales 07/05/94 Marnie Pershke
New elementary library wiring 07/05/94 Donna Livengood
Des Plaines, IL 07/05/94 Sheryl Steinke 687-3280
-=- latest on ftp to Incomplete Guide to Internet 07/06/94 Wade E. Grimes
SIGN- OFF 07/06/94 Brenda Brock
Magazine indexes 07/06/94 Shary Keehler
APPLICANTS NEEDED 07/06/94 Charlotte McAnally
Re: Magazine indexes 07/06/94 Michele Edwards
Re: Magazine indexes 07/06/94 Donna Baumbach 407-823-2056
No Subject 07/06/94 CATHERINE MURPHY
Australian Penpal 07/06/94 Marybeth Green
No Subject 07/06/94 CATHERINE MURPHY
No Subject 07/06/94 CATHERINE MURPHY
Re: Magazine indexes 07/06/94 Shannon Acedo
RESULTS-Book Awards & Collection Development 07/06/94 PAM LONG
Periodical subscriptions 07/06/94 Jane Trump Hohn
Address for Success Films of Burbank, Calif. 07/06/94 Susan M. Johnson
Wanted: Amish/Mennonite Filled cookies 07/06/94 Lorna Joy McCloud
OOOPS!! SORRY! 07/06/94 Lorna Joy McCloud
Elementary Discipline policy 07/06/94 Lorna Joy McCloud
Fwd: Re:AMERICA ONLINE 07/06/94 Nancy Joy Freyer Wissman
Need info on where to buy Calendar Clue and Battle of the Books 07/06/94 Megan McGuire
Surplus AV lamps 07/06/94 Sara Mockett
Re: Elementary Discipline policy 07/07/94 Tamah Graber
Re: LM_NET Digest - 6 Jul 1994 to 7 Jul 1994 07/07/94 Mark J. Yannie 407-823-0070
Clarkstown's Back! 07/07/94 Barbara Gottlock
Technology Coodinator description 07/07/94 Richard Greene
TARGET->Library Works auto sys 07/07/94 Joan Arrowsmith
Re: Magazine indexes 07/07/94 Diane Durbin
methods of assessment 07/07/94 Roy Culbertson
(Fwd) hit-booklist 07/07/94 Donna Rodio
HIT:Big book publishers 07/07/94 Judith A. Phalen 305 341-0460
Environmental multi-media bibliography 07/07/94 Janie M Braxdale
Battle of the Books 07/07/94 Suzanne Cane
Technology and cognitive development 07/07/94 Kathi L. Vanderbilt
Help! 07/07/94 Carrie Everhart
Re: Need info on where to buy Calendar Clue and Battle of the 07/07/94 Sara Mockett
surplus AV lamps 07/07/94 Sara Mockett
Re: Help! 07/08/94 William Russell Smith
Change Connections request 07/08/94 Barbara Griffin
TARGET: Cataloging software for Winnebago 07/08/94 Excelsior Elementary
Hit on Fines? 07/08/94 LARRY WEIDNER
nat council teacher's of math 07/08/94 Carolyn Mollenkopf
Re: Help! 07/08/94 Dave Kressen
Spanish-interest videos 07/08/94 Mary Peterson
Multimedia Lists 07/08/94 Gail M. Szeliga
Re: Library Reference Pre/Post Test 07/09/94 Sara Mockett
AECT Change Connections Newsletter 07/09/94 Charles White
Re: Help! 07/09/94 Judith Conway
TARGET: Literature themes 07/09/94 Evelyn Wood
Conversion to Follett's Unison 07/09/94 Michele Edwards
Educational CD-ROMs - Top Picks 07/09/94 Marilyn Richardson
Re: Spanish-interest videos 07/09/94 Erica Sternin
ICLAS - IBM Classroom Lan Administration system 07/09/94 Charles H. Phillips
ICLAS - IBM Class LAN Admin Sys 07/09/94 Charles H. Phillips
Security Systems 07/10/94 Floyd Pentlin
Student newsletters 07/10/94 June M. Muldner
Source of Quote 07/10/94 Cathy Retzer
Re: Help! 07/10/94 Gail K. Dickinson
Greetings Needed 07/10/94 Monica R. Byrne 407-767-5447
CD-ROM listserv help 07/11/94 Richard Wiltse - East Grand Rapids High School
Change Connections Part 2, Thanks 07/11/94 Barbara Griffin
Perceptions of Others--Response Requested 07/11/94 Ken Haycock
No Subject 07/11/94 Guusje Zimmerman Moore
Re: Magazine information 07/11/94 Global SchoolNet Fdn (FrEdMail)
Target->Improving physical environment 07/11/94 Gordon Waldron
Re: For Massachusetts SLM's about reports: Mass Ed Online, 07/11/94 Global SchoolNet Fdn (FrEdMail)
Job Posting: High School Librarian .6 FTE in Chicago Area 07/11/94 Deborah L. Wright
Job interview tactics 07/11/94 ELAINE BOROWICK, X4207
HIT --> CDROM-L listserv info 07/11/94 s_lochhead
Re: CD-ROM listserv help 07/11/94 Barbara Fiehn
Re: your mail 07/11/94 S Frank
Hit->3M/Gaylord Security Systems 07/11/94 Floyd Pentlin
Re: Source of Quote 07/11/94 Melissa Davis
JOB: Education Associate, Library/Media/Technology 07/11/94 Susan Lenore Evans
book reviews (children and YA) 07/12/94 Barbara Fiehn
TARGET--PR Projects 07/12/94 Joann W. Tillberg
Change Newsletter Pt 2 07/12/94 Charles White
Re: Help! 07/12/94 Diane Durbin

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