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                        Objects in the rear view mirror
                          are closer than they may appear.

Forwarded Information:

                Specifying Pine Options

You can customize your Pine environment by specifying Pine options.
These are stored in a file named ".pinerc" in your home directory.  If
you do not have such a file, it will be created by invoking Pine.

                Specifying an Alternative Editor

Pine normally invokes the Pico editor.  You can select an alternative
editor, such as "vi" or "jove", by setting the "editor" variable in
your ".pinerc" file, e.g.:

        # Editor to use in place of Pine's internal composer, Pico

Then when you are composing the text of a message, the string "^_ Alt
Edit" replaces "^W Where is" in the bottom line.  If you type control-_
(control-underscore), Pine will invoke your specified editor.  Even
though it is no longer listed in the summary, you can still use "Where

            Selecting Whether or Not to Save Copies
                     of Mail You Send

To save copies of outgoing mail, specify in your ".pinerc" file:

        # The default folder where a copy of outgoing mail is saved

If you would rather not save a copy of all your outgoing mail (since it
uses up disk space), use:

        # The default folder where a copy of outgoing mail is saved

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