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We purchased books-on-tape versions of many of the assigned novels at our
school at the request of the special ed teachers.  We bought two copies
of each.  One copy is shelved in the workroom area with our other
non-print materials, and the other is on the open shelves with the print
versions.  Students may check out either copy.  Special ed students ask
for them because the teachers promote them.  What I like is the fact that
students looking on the shelf for the novel are surprised and pleased to
find the tape version.  No problems so far.  I am a little worried about
loss/damage.  I considered making an archived "master tape" for each, but
I don't think that falls into the realm of fair use.  If anyone knows
that I am wrong, please tell me!  So far, no problems.  The trick was to
find unabridged versions.

On Mon, 27 Jun 1994, Yorktown Central Schools wrote:

> I am a high school library media specialist in New York.  Has anyone used
> books on tape along with books read in the English curriculum.  What has
> been the general reaction on the part of teachers, parents students?
>                                         Phyllis DiBianco
>                                         Yorktown High School
>                                         Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
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