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Two ideas to promote sharing - let the teachers know that if you avoid
duplication, you can purchase more different titles (variety).  Also, the
library usually has a better track record at circulating and keeping
track of materials.  Then the teachers don't have to worry about where it
is when they want to use it.

On Mon, 27 Jun 1994, Megan McGuire wrote:

> Hi,
> As many of you know I just got my first job.  I've been working diligently to
> set up and get to know my library.  Sometimes I even get to talk to parents an
> teachers who are also there over the summer.  It's an EC-5th grade elementary
> school of between 400 and 500 students. Several teachers feel that if they
> request something, no one else should be allowed to use it.  I feel that libra
> materials are purchased to avoid duplication.  For example, if all of the seco
> grade teachers plan on using a particular video it makes more sense for the
> library to buy it than for each of them to have their own personal copy.  I fe
> that if they aren't willing to share, then they should purchase it out of thei
> own budget.  I'm willing to be convinced otherwise if there are any LMS out
> there who feel I'm way off base.  Next question is if you agree with the above
> attitude, how would you go about changing things - I would like to to have a
> positive relationship with the teachers and from the limited discussion I had
> with one of them today it seems like a sensitive topic.
> By the way, since I know you read all the postings I'm going to take this
> opportunity to thank Judy Goswitz for inviting me to go on a tour of her schoo
> district.  It was very informative, inspirational, and fun.  I hope my distric
> is running half as well in years to come.  (From the looks of it many years to
> come)
> Thanks all,
> Megan McGuire@macc.wisc.edu

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