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I targeted a question regarding Stacker and Disk Doubler and
received the following messages.  Thanks!

> I have used DiskDoubler and find that it works well. It was available for
> the Mac long before Stacker (which I haven't tried). Hope this helps.
> -Barry Webster, Technology Coordinator, Detroit Country Day School,
> blw@umich.edu

> From: bfiehn@lps.esu18.k12.ne.us (Barbara Fiehn)
> I use disk doubler, even though our techs say watch out.  They say that if
> you start having problems with your machine that is one of the first places
> to look. > I have used mine for 1.5 years without any problem.
> I  have been using Times Two, a driver level disk doubler like stacker in
combination with Optimem on a Mac+ for about 10 months with no problems.
  A bit slow, but I am using System 7 on the Mac+.

> From: rtrice@mail.gac.peachnet.edu (Ron Trice)
> Jackie, I used Disk Doubler for a while but find Stuffit to be superior.
> Among other things, Stuffit will compact all or a selected portion of your
> files while your computer is idle.  Regards...
Jackie Keith                                 Salem Elementary
4501 Jackson Rd.                             Spotsylvania, VA 22407
(703) 786-8218                               jkeith@mwc.vak12ed.edu

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