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I had a reading incentive program this year which went on all year.  It
was in an elementary school, but could be adapted for middle.  I had a
large tree outside the media center (construction paper) which was on the
wall and went from the ground to the ceiling.  Each month, I asked
students to put "leaves" on the tree.  For each month, I had a different
form - leaves, ghosts, turkeys, snowmen, snowflakes, hearts, Maria
Tallchief (women's history), umbrellas, flowers, etc.  On each form I
asked for title, author, student's name, teacher's name, call number, and
one other piece of information which varied - best part, why someone else
should read the book, main character, publisher, etc.  That's a lot of
information to ask for, but many first graders filled them out.  Whenever
a student handed me a form (or several forms), I gave them a hershey kiss
or some other small piece of candy.  At the end of the month, all the
forms came down, and an announcement was made over the PA of the names of
the students who read four or more books that month. Those students were
given a certificate which I called a "Reading Tree Award"  and also a
book from a collection I have of books donated by kids or teachers or
parents.  The books are old, but the kids enjoy getting them.  Instead of
books, a nice bookmark could accompany the certificates.  I'm not sure
this would work in a middle school - the fifth and sixth graders did not
participate as well as the lower grade students - but you could try.
Tamah Graber    Darnestown E.S.      tgraber@umd5.umd.edu

On Fri, 1 Jul 1994, Lydia Brantley wrote:

> I am a graduate student who is applying for a media speciaist
> position. I am interested in some ideas for a school wide reading
> incentive program that would be appropriate for middle schoolers. Any
> ideas?
> --

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