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        Your fairy tale unit sounds like fun. Have you included any fairy
        tale rap or reader's theatre? How about fairy tale trivia? Also a
        fairy tale museum is fun--have objects displayed that kids have
        to come up with or match titles to. E.G. a pea (princess and the
        pea), a brick, straw & sticks (3 little pigs) or 3 different size
        bowls (3 bears), a spinning wheel (rumplestiltskin or sleeping
        beauty), etc. I have been a school librarian for 10 years and
        love brainstorming and sharing ideas. I co-authored a children's
        literature trivia game and ended up in a mail order catalog
        business of games to teach literature and research. I will send
        you a catalog. Send me your net address so we can correspond


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                A   Jill Feuerhelm               If you can access      A
                D   suite 236                    information thank a    D
                R   1430 Willamette St.          school librarian.      R
                E   Eugene, OR 97401-4073            -source unknown    E
                A   feuerhelm@4j.lane.edu                               A
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