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First, I was surprised to hear that you were not continuing your
chair of Tech. Comm. for one more year??!

Second, can you tell me what the program you are planning for AASL is
covering..."Super Catalogs"???  I am also doing one on planning for
integrating OPAC and other databases and don't want to duplicate your

Third, SLIS did not get funding for the Institute we had planned for
next year but we are going to go ahead and do some Continuing
Education workshops for school librarians.  Are you interested in
teaching and, if so, what topics?  Technology will probably be the
theme but we may do a series so the field is open.

Thanks.Catherine Murphy                       VOICE: 817-565-2445
Assistant Professor                    FAX:   817-565-3101
School of Library and Info./Sciences   INTERNET: murphy@lis.unt.edu
University of North Texas

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