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I tried to send this directly to Anna Lawless for her workshop on America
Online, but her address couldn't be accessed.  Forgive the informality...
Forwarded message:
Subj:    Re:LM NET POST: AOL
Date:    94-07-06 22:54:46 EDT
From:    Callie2222
To:      alawless@vwsvax.simmons.edu

Dear Anna:
  I am an AOL user, but not in a school. However, I can recommend a few
things about it.  Hopefully, you have access to it whileyou prepare your
  Start with discover AOL on Welcome screen. Go to Learning and Reference
department.  This is all the stuff for teachers, I think.  Try Keyword --
Teacher -- for anything else.
  I also think Pictures of the World has great photos from all over the world
that teachers may appreciate.  The Library of Congress has interesting
resources with tour of library and pamphlets available.
  You may also try Keyword -- kids -- or -- children -- for KOOL news and
  Of course, there's the Internet connection. No FTP but good Gopher access I
think.  They're getting out the bugs still.  The School Networking Consortium
is available and seems quite helpful.
  The Lesson Plans Library in Teachers Network may be very valuable for
teachers.  I've downloaded some neat lessons.  If  lesson plans are uploaded
by your teachers, they get free hours.  (They then have to be downloaded by
50 times.)
  I won't take up more of your time with information that is not essential to
your presentation when others may have real life experiences.  If you noticed
the HIT ADVOCACY from about two weeks ago, one of the respondents was an AOL
  If you WANT more, I'd be glad to help!!
    Best, Nancy Wissman, Elmont Public, NY
I'd love to see the results from others since I am very possibly getting a
school position soon.

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