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how was the library run in the past?  Is there a particular need for a
written discipline policy?  Elementary school kids are a LOT different
than high school!!!  I can usually quiet them down by just stopping and
waiting.  It doesn't usually take long. (I have a cow bell for
emergencies - if it is REALLY too loud and out of hand, I ring the bell.
If I have to ring it again, the class leaves the library and returns to
class.  Teachers do NOT like the class returning, so they usually are
quite prompt in addressing the behavior issue (usually with admonitions
or threats before the next library period).  Individual problems are
dealt with individually.   Tamah Graber  tgraber@umd5.umd.edu
                           Darnestown E.S.   Darnestown  MD

On Wed, 6 Jul 1994, Lorna Joy McCloud wrote:

> I am in the process of "writing" some sort of discipline
> "policy" or plan for my library to change the way that it has
> been run in the past.  (I just came in on the wings of the
> change to flexible scheduling...)
> I would love help/ideas/suggestions from any people who are
> still reading, and not on vacation somewhere.  I need stuff
> that is good for an elementary library, and my admin love
> *Positive Classroom Discipline" by Fredric H. Jones.
> This is my first library media position, so I am feeling my way
> in this area from how I did it as a high school teacher, and
> could use suome help.
> Thanks a million!
> --
> Lorna McCloud           Teacher-Librarian
> King Elementary         Woodbridge, VA
>         lmccloud@pen.k12.va.us

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