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Hi all LM_Netters,
    I have some great news to report, last night the new school board
reinstated all teacher/librarians in clarkstwon.  The superintendent
recommended reinstating us because they couldn't find enough civil service
librarians to replace us.  The president of the board, alan Katz, told us to
be sure to understand the reinstatemnet was only because they couldn't fill
the positions.  Some other borad members, however, stated they were glad we
were back because they believed in the program.
   We will be meeting with the school board to discuss ways to improve the
program.  We were also told that they wanted us more involved with
technology.  (The district voters approved a 2.5 million technonlogy plan.
The money is to be used to wire all the classes to each other and all the
schools in the district for tele. and computer access.)
  We want to thank all of you for your support.  Your support helped us keep
up our morale in the face of this crisis.  We strongly believe that a good
library program IS IMPORTANT to all students.
  Once again thank you!!

Barbara Gottlock
Clarkstown South High School & Felix Festa Junior High School
West Nyack, NY

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