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Thank you very much to the members of the group who offered suggestions for
publishers of big books for the K-5 curriculum.  I received 8 replies and
several requests for me to publish a hit.
In addition to the 4 big book publishers mentioned in my original message-
The Wright Group, Rigby, Scholastic, and Modern Curriculumn Press-the
following publishers were suggested by fellow netters:
DLM-"has Bill Martin's Brown Bear, Brown Bear"
BRAVO-"a CD-ROM talking book product which also provides a big book and
student copies
Sundance-"especially strong in multicultural big books with student copies,
audiocassette and teacher's guide"  Sundance's toll free number is
HBJ Whole Language Reading Series-"Kindergarten through grade 2 use a lot
of big book materials"
Troll-mentioned by two netters; received one negative comment"inferior"

Thank you again for helping me to identify new sources for our big book
Judy Phalen
Country Hills Elementary
10550 Westview Drive
Coral Springs, Florida  33076

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