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The best source for a library skills pre/post test that I have found is
Learnco Inc., Box L, Exeter, New Hampshire 03833  (1-800-542-0026).  The
test comes in two forms (Form A and Form B).  The material covered is
similar, but if you wanted a pre and post you could order both tests.  It
is advertised as a diagnostic tool for students in grades 5-9.  I use it
with 5th and 6th grade gifted children.

The only problem is that the test has not been revised to meet the needs
of schools with on-line catalogs.  I still use it and tell the children
to substitute "computer catalog" wherever the test says "card catalog".  I
have them skip the few questions that no longer apply such as the one
about card catalog drawer guide letters.

I have alerted Learnco about the problem, and hopefully an update will be
available soon.  The test is good enough that it is still worth it to me
to use it as it is with the children.

Sara Mockett, Librarian
Seattle Country Day School
2619 4th Ave. N.,Seattle,WA 98109

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