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Group -- I have had some interesting responses to my questions about the
3M and Gaylord seurity systems.  The following is somewhat lengthy:

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Date: Fri, 1 Jul 1994 08:26:09 -0500 (CDT)
From: Gloria McClanahan <mcclan@tenet.edu>
Subject: Re: 3M/Gaylord
Hi, Floyd,

We did have the problem with the computer monitor shutting down the
security system. 3M told us that we should get rid of the computer
system! We finally redesigned our circulation desk.

3M is just not a helpful bunch. We pay $1,400.00 a year for a maintenance
agreement that I am afraid to discontinue because we have had so many
problems. And 3M charges a minimum of something like $150.00 per house call.

The set up they designed was flawed; they refused to do anything about
it. Wheel chairs could not enter--which means equipment going out was a
major pain.

Did you look at Knogo? I'll use anything but 3M next time!
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Be carefull when buying the 3M system.  They have two major models availabe.
I do not have my note with me because I'M responding from home. The least
expensive of the two will not operate properly if set up within 6 feet of a
computer monitor.  (What library doesn't have a circulation computer within
6 feet of their security system, or wish that is was closer.)  In addition, you
must make sure that flourescent lighting within 15 feet of the security system
does NOT have the new type of energy saver ballast starters. (receint
remodeling or future remodeling could present a problem) The system will not
work properly if either of these conditions exist.

Their newer mor expensive model (about $2000.00 more) will work under either of
these two conditions.

Consult with your 3M representative!!
Larry Weidner
IN  "media02@uwstout.edu"
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 Jul 94 14:12:30 LCL
Received: from Gayle-Gaston.tenet.edu by SUVM.SYR.EDU (IBM VM SMTP V2R2)

We are having the Gaylord system installed on our district's Professional
Library as I type.  Part of the specifications for the project was that
this system be compatible with 3M-type detection strips that were
installed in some of the materials (this library is a joint school
district/university library and the university materials already had 3M
strips installed for the main campus library).  Gaylord certainly met
that requirement, and they were substantially less expensive (about
$3000) than the 3M system and about $2000 cheaper than Knogo.  We didn't
entertain bids from Checkpoint because of the compatibility problem.
Ordinarily we install Checkpoint systems - they are as reliable and they
are less expensive, plus you don't have to worry about computers and can
tag virtually any item.  3M et al will not allow you to tag computer
diskettes or their cases.

Carol Mann Simpson                   csimpson@tenet.edu
Facilitator - Library Technology          214 882-7450
Mesquite (TX) Independent School District

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     I hope this info is helpful to you.  We had nothing but
trouble with the 3M Security System for 4 years running, until
I posted a message on the LM_NET, and heard from others around
the country.  Now granted, we did have the older 3M system (and
it has been improved), but any computer interference in the LMC
was rendering our system for security useless.  Since the
advent of CD-ROM's and so many computerized online catalog
systems (which we added), it's hard not to have intereference
of any sort.
     Our school system purchased only 3 of the 3M Security
Systems, and then switched to the Gaylord Security System
because of this problem.  We had to threaten to sue 3M if they
didn't finally do something to help us, and finally, they did
do something last year, and shields were installed around our
monitors and they configured the system differently, and it now
works.  However, I would not recommend them to you.
     No one in our system has had trouble of any kind with the
Gaylord System -- only the unfortunate 3 of us who have 3M
Systems.  Good luck, and let me know how things go.
Joann Tillberg, Library Media Specialist
Salem High School
1993 SunDevil Drive
Virginia Beach, Va. 23464
VaPen = jtillber@pen.k12.va.us
FAX = 474-8483

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