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Great news for those of us in Delaware...and hopefully news that will
interest you in LM_NET land...the state legislature recently approved
funding for a state level position for supervisor of school libraries.
Following is the vacancy notice.  It was released today, July 11,1994.
Please respond if interested.

1.  Title of Position:  Education Associate, Library/Media/Technology
2.  Date of Employment: October 1, 1994
3.  Description of Position:
        The Education Associate, Library/Media/Technology is a member of
the Technology Team and the Standards and Curriculum Branch.
Responsibilities include the following:
        A.  Provide leadership for the development of a report to the
State Board of Education and the legislature by June 1, 1994, on the
status of public school libraries, media,technology, facilities, services
and staffing; also recommendations for public school library standards,
certification requirements for librarians, professional development of
school library staff, funding formulas for upgrading public school
libraries, and an assessment system for public school library programs
and services.

        B.  Provide leadership in issues relating to libraries and their
central roles both in restructured schools and in an information society.

        C.  Collaborate with public librarians, the Division of
Libraries, higher education, OIS [Office of Information Services],
business partners and others to enhance services to schools.

        D.  Serve as chair of the State Superintendent's Library Advisory
Committee and keep the Cabinet informed of emerging issues.

        E.  Provide professional development for and technical assistance
to librarians and other staff, including DPI staff.

        F.  Conduct literature searches using the ERIC CD-ROM Disc system
and DIALOG on-line services for DPI staff and teachers from subscribing
school districts.

        G.  Maintain database of Information Search Service clients.

        H.  Maintain library journals and ERIC microfiche.

        I.  Maintain media equipment for loan to DPI staff.

        J.  Maintain database tracking system for equipment and video use.

        K.  Maintain New Directions Bibliographic Reference Database and
Research Litereature Collection.

        L.  Serve as an expert resource on the Internet, assessing
databases, telecommunications, and other electronic applications.

4.  Qualifications for Employment:
        Minimum qualifications unclude a Master's degree in Library
Science (Doctorate preferred) and at least three years' experience as a
teacher/public school librarian or as a public school librarian.  The
individual selected for this position must have strong leadership and
facilitative skills, experience in design and delivery of professional
development, expertise in computer technology and telecommunications,
strong oral and written communication skills, research skills,
collaborative skills, and a diverse background in library materials,
media, and technology.  Passing the PPST or PRAXIS I test of basic skills
in reading, writing, and mathematics, and initiation of a criminal
background check are requirements for employment.

5.  Salary:
        Salary will be computed in accordance with the experience and
training of the individual selected and in accordance with salary
schedules for employees of the Department of Public Instruction.  The
salary range is $50,800 to 65,900.

6.  Apply to:
        Damian Evans
        Business & Personnel Manager
        Department of Public Instruction
        PO Box 1402, Townsend Building
        Dover, DE 19903
        (302) 739-4605

Please excuse any typos.  I hope many of you will think about joining us
here in the "small wonder" state.  It has been a hard fought battle to
get such a position funded by the legislature.  It's an opportunity to be
a change force in a place that has only up to go!! (and for sure we're
all on the train to go!!)

Sorry this is so long.

Susan Evans
W.B. Simpson Elementary
Camden DE 19934

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