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I like Gail's reply...don't know that I'd be able to do what she
advocates if it came to taking a walk...but she's right.  I have been
noticing in the replies to Carrie that many people have said,
"Yes, you can do this."  Also, many of them seem to be computer teachers,
not librarians.  Carrie is a librarian.  That is a full time job.  How
can a person teach and do the library job?  I think many of the
respondents have missed the point, but Gail has it pegged.  In the
meantime, I don't have any real good advice beyond what Gail has
provided.  I guess the teaching advice provided by the computer people is
good advice if that is what you are supposed to be doing.

On Sun, 10 Jul 1994, Gail K. Dickinson wrote:

> At the risk of sounding negative and maybe even flaming, I want to
> assure you that it is neither.  My advice is wavering between biblical
> (do not cast your pearls before swine) and Ann Landers (Are you better
> off in this marriage or out of it).   There are jobs where hard-working,
> creative, enthusiastic library media specialists are apppreciated and
> valued.   My best advice has to be show this district what a librarian
> can do....work hard; do the best you can; always point out gently and
> positively what you COULD have done and SHOULD be doing.  then.....if
> your situation doesn't improve beyond hopeless; let your principal know
> that you need to be in a situation where you can do the job you were
> trained to do; and walk....       Sorry if that sounds harsh, but
> sometimes ....you need to take a stand.
> ****************************
> Gail Dickinson
> Union-Endicott Central school District
> Endicott, NY 13760
>                         "....Nothing stands in the realm of pure
>                             necessity save what these hands can hold.....
>                                 (Integrity) -- Adrienne Rich
> >DATE:   Thu, 7 Jul 1994 19:31:49 -0400
> >FROM:   Carrie Everhart <everhart@UMD5.UMD.EDU>
> >
> >I made the mistake of visiting my school today and found out that I am
> >now not only in charge of the library, but am to teach four classes a
> >day in the new computer lab.  Superwoman has nothing on me, huh!  Not
> >only am I going to be in two places at once, but am to write  the entire
> >curriculum for this tecnology unit....for 7th and 8th graders.  All this
> >while automating the library!  Whew!  Does anyone have any sources for
> >ideas of what should be covered in a new Mac lc520 lab?  I'll be seeing
> >about 700 kids in a year and have them for about 30 class periods each.
> >Is there a medal for this kind of abuse?  Where do I start (besides the
> >obvious long walk on a short pier).  Thanks for any help you can
> >offer.  Carrie Everhart

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