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                      CQ Launches Internet Gopher

In a move onto the information highway, Congressional Quarterly
announced the launch of the CQ Gopher -- a menu-based means of
exploring information resources via the Internet.  The Gopher
will allow millions of Internet users to explore CQ data files,
both current and archival.

"CQ was built on the idea that people who were better informed
about their government would be better citizens," said CQ Editor
and Publisher Neil Skene.  "Our new gopher is a way of delivering
CQ information to more people in the United States and around the

Among the data files accessible through the CQ Gopher:

    Lead stories of the current CQ Weekly Report -- and an
      archive of past lead stories

    Current weekly news brief from the CQ Researcher -- and an
      archive of past briefs

    Status of appropriations bills and other major legislation

    Results from key 1993 and 1994 roll call votes

    Current catalogs from CQ Books and CQ Press

    Updates on congressional and gubernatorial elections --
      including primaries and special elections

    Information on members of Congress -- including committee and
      caucus rosters, leadership positions, room and phone

    Current schedule of CQ's Professional Education Seminars

The CQ Gopher is free of charge.  To access the CQ Gopher,
Internet users with gopher client/servers should point their
gopher at gopher.cqalert.com or contact their system
administrator for information on easiest access.

Congressional Quarterly is the nation's leading nonpartisan
authority on Congress and American politics.  For more
information on the CQ gopher or any of CQ's other services,
please contact Melissa Henderson at 202-887-8578 or 800-432-2250,
ext. 578 or send an email message to mhenderson@cqalert.com.

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