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I'm in the same boat--we're new in the game, and trying to decide the
best place to start with introduction of the Internet to students.  What
were other schools' (and librarians') first steps?  In retrospect, what
would you have done differently?

Thanks for the information--

Shannonn Acedo
Marlborough School
250 S. Rossmore Avenue
Los Angeles, CA  90004

On Thu, 14 Jul 1994, Jan Wojnaroski wrote:

> Hi, everyone out there
> colleagues
> I am learning--slowly,it sometimes seems, to use the Internet.  I am wondering
>  ow and what and when to teach it to "my kids."  I'd be interested if you coul
>  send me anything you care to share re: policies and procedures, LESSON PLANS,
>  ips, "I wish I hads" and "I wish I hadn'ts".
> Jan Wojnaroski
> Roosevelt Media Center
> 1400 N. Mantua
> Kent, Ohio 44240
> Please send your replies after 7/25/94.

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