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Janet R. Lincoln writes:
> The Scieszka books:  The Frog Prince Containued and especially The Stinky Chee
> Man.  The second book is a wacky collection of fairy tales and has been, I am
> embarassed to say, one of the most popular books in the library for all ages.

Embarassed? Why? This is one of the funniest books of the past few years.
Kids love reading it aloud to their classmates. It provides an excellent
point of reference for retelling or reading the original tales.
Incidentally, it won the RI Children's book award overwhelmingly. Scieszka &
Smith will be in RI in late October to receive the award and will also be at
the annual festival of children's authors & illustrators. They are as funny
in real life as their books! Further info will be posted on lm_net as soon
as plans are finalized.

Joe Light
Library Media Specialist
South Kingstown, Rhode Island

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