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15 people replied to my request for suggestions on how to make a library
more inviting.  Here is a summary of the replies.

Nearly everyone suggested plants, or silk flowers if light is a problem

Posters, one person suggested mounting with sticky back velcro, to keep
them up during changes in temperature, and so as not to ruin paint on

Student art displayed on walls or one person cut out strips of fadeless
bulletin board paper 3'x6' in a wide variety of colors and asked teachers
to have students design a banner to hang from the ceiling on any topic,
saying, or slogan that deals with reading

Several people invite students and teachers to display their hobbies and
collections in the media center on a rotating basis

Adding color in the form of pillows for rockers or for the floor was suggested

Hanging baskets on walls and in corners

Asking art classes to design pieces of art that describe school or
community to be displayed in media center

Thingies on the ends of shelves to display books

Displaying books on the tops of low bookcases or in the unused portions of

Stuffed animals and bean bags

Mobiles hanging above the subject areas they relate to

Many people advised against major furniture rearrangement until I am in
the center long enough to assess the use pattern.  Some thought dividing
into small areas with low shelves might present supervision problems(we
have big kids, though, much bigger than the height of the shelves even
sitting down) some thought teachers might prefer an area where they could
be sure all the kids there belonged to them and would discourage wandering.
Some folk thought providing isolated areas for group work was a good idea

The last suggestion I received was A WELCOMING SMILE!

Thanks so much to everyone who responded.

Kathy Schroer
Emerson Junior High
916 Washington Blvd.
Oak Park, IL 60302

e-mail: gordowal@infochi.com

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