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I am opening a new intermediate school (5-6 grades) this fall. I have
already ordered a core collection (and feel pretty confident about it),
but I am now selecting a large number of paper back books and am
wondering about some of the selections of series. I already know what
kids will want but now I'm a little worried about the in-between ages of
these students. I feel the Goosebumps books are OK. I had them in my K-5
school. But what about the other R.L. Stein series books and all the
"horror" type books? My 6th graders would be able to check these out in a
Middle School Library. How do I handle the in-between, without censoring?
I'm more inclided to go with what I know kids will want, but I am worried
about parents and administrators. How have
other Librarians made decisions about ordering for this age group?
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