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The King County Library System in Seattle, Washington produces an
excellent list called "MegaLit" I think.  It is produced on a tri-fold
pamphlet and is loved by my teachers.  Request it from Sue Madden in the
Young Adult Services Department.  I suggest sending a SASE (small manila

I can not remember the exact title, perhaps an OPAC search will find
it for you, but I just bought a great book for my  high school which a
list of the recommended books from 100 colleges nation-wide and includes a
compilation of the 100 most often recommended titles.  The title is very
descriptive and I'm sure you will recognize it when you see it.  I
believe the publisher is ARCO and it was bought through Econo-clad.

I would like to hear of any other good titles you come across.


Michele Edwards <uwnet5@u.washington.edu>
Monroe High School Library
1408 West Main St.
Monroe, WA 98272
Ph: (206)794-3010 ext.178
Fax: (206)794-6533

On Wed, 13 Jul 1994, Gail M. Szeliga wrote:

> Can anyone forward me a copy of a good college bound reading list or
> point me to the location of one?
> I have a very old one in my files and would like to update before
> September when students request this list from me.
> Thank You.
> Gail M. Szeliga (ny000999@mail.nyser.net)
> Union Endicott Senior High
> 1200 E. Main St.
> Endicott, NY 13760

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