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Help....we need to raise big bucks to send 55 students to New Orleans in

Does anyone out there in cyberspace have some original fund raising ideas?

Forget magazine and candy sales.  We are looking for something with a
high $$$ potential, easy to organize, and fun.

One activity that met that criteria last year was a "PENNY WAR".  It
raised over $2000.00 in one week.

Four large jars were displayed at lunch time and before school started.
Each jar was labeled - Freshman Class, Sophomore Class, Junior Class and
Senior Class.  Every penny that was deposited in the jar counted as a
positive point towards the classes total, every silver coin deposited in
the jar was counted as a negative point towards the classes total.  The
object was to deposit pennies in your classes jar and silver coins in
the other classes jar.  At the end of the week coins are counted and the
class with the most positive points gets all the money.

If enthusiasm is running high and a rivalry starts between two classes
the chances of raising a large amount of money is high.  We had a one
between the juniors and seniors and everyone had a lot of fun.  The
seniors won, and since I was senior advisor I was very happy.

Please forward ideas to me and I will post a HIT if there is interest.


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