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                                New Folders Added


                             THE INTERNATIONAL ARCHIVE


                        PUBLIC DOMAIN K-12 LinkWay FOLDERS

LinkWay is an IBM-licensed K-12 hypermedia product.  LinkWay is a very
common product among those schools which use IBM hardware, and the purpose
of the International Archive is to promote the sharing among K-12
educators of LinkWay applications (folders) which they have created.

A SITE IS BEING SOUGHT FOR FTP retrieval. Several systems have indicated a
willingness to host an FTP site for this Archive; however, none have
followed through.  Until a site is available, those wanting a copy of the
Archive will need to follow the instructions provided below.

This update includes:

AT&T Kids' Alert (Live!-256 color)
        Authors:        Students of Ms. Suzy Calvert.
                        Maxwell Hill Gifted Center, Beckley, West Virginia
        Speech: RIFF-Format Audio Wave Files (.WAV)
        128 Files, 2,179,648 bytes  Compressed: 4 files, 1,418,778 bytes

A very nice presentation of the AT&T Kids' Alert program.  Good example of
student work, and of how files can be exchanged between students and

        Author: Frederick Smith
                Ashford, Connecticut
        Speech: none
        84 Files, 1,433,419 bytes  Compressed: 3 files, 667,917 bytes

A LinkWay version of a Puerto Rican folktale.  Text is in Spanish with
English transation in text popups.  Excellent graphics and unique
backgrounds.  Very good tool for Spanish students.

SPAIN (Live!-256 color)
        Author: Pete Knopf
                Peoria, Illinois
        Speech: RIFF-Format Audio Wave Files (.WAV)
        104 Files, 1,033,262 bytes  Compressed: 4 files, 289,046 bytes

A great use of animation and bitmapping within LinkWay Live!  A very
useful instructional tool for students learning about Spain.  Excellent

YEARBOOK (MCGA -256 color)
        Author: Richard Greenberg
                Levittown, New York
        Speech: Digispeech
        55 Files, 1,133,953 bytes  Compressed: 1 file, 848,909 bytes

Some excellent ideas of how a LinkWay yearbook could be developed.  Uses
the Henry Viscardi School for disabled children as an example.  Excellent
use of speech.

The Archive currently contains 72 folders suitable for K-12.  The Archive
is free and available to everyone, and it includes runtime versions of
LinkWay and LinkWay Live!, so that the Archive folders may be used by
those MS-DOS users who do not have their own copies of the LinkWay software.

Copies of the Archive are available to anyone who sends 17 formatted HD
diskettes, a self-addressed return mailer and postage; however, the
archive will only grow if people contribute their work.  If possible,
please send a couple of your best folders eac h time you make a request.

To obtain a copy of the archive:

1.      Please send at least one of your folders that has been well tested, and
        as free as possible of all bugs.  BE SURE TO INCLUDE all picture, page,
        speech, reference and bitmap files that are included in the folder.

2.      The folder will be tested and edited for access from the Archive Menu.

3.      Each request must include the FORMATTED diskettes, a self-addressed
        envelope, and the postage required for the shipment of the folders to
        you.  The archive currently requires 12 formatted HD diskettes,
        although any portion of the archive can be sent as well, if you
        are only interested in certain folders.

        All postage must be U.S. Mail.  UPS and express mail requests cannot be

4.      Compressed files of the menuing folder and the applications folders you
        have requested will be copied onto the diskettes you have sent, and
        they will be mailed back to you using the addressed envelopes and
        postage you have included.  Also included with the diskettes will
        be a copies of runtime LinkWay, runtime LinkWay Live!, PKUNZIP and a
        complete set of directions for decompressing the files to your hard
        drive (stand alone or networked).

5.      Once you have made a request, if you have an Internet address, you will
        continue to be notified of new folders as they are added to the

6.      All folders are shipped as is, and no responsibility is assumed for
        their utility, for their content or for complications due to viruses,
        etc..  Responsibility for any violations of copyrights are assumed
        completely by the authors and the users.

The purpose of the Archive is to enable educators to share ideas.  Please
join us, by sharing yours.

* Mark W. Whitman                          INTERNET: whitman@cedar.cic.net****
* The InterDesign Group, Inc.               PRODIGY: RCVN75A              ****
* 6515 Indian Meadow Drive                    VOICE: (317) 463-9130       ****
* West Lafayette, IN.  47906                    FAX: (317) 497-1490       ****

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