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You touch on a key gripe of mine--why do we buy into the "bigger, faster,
glitzier, 'mine is faster than yours'" way of thinking?  Why not put all
the development time and $$$ into a solid, well-researched program that
can have its data easily upgraded without having to reinvent the program
each time.  I am noticing a disturbing trend among my students.  Some
(granted a small number, but mostly lower-achieving students, the ones
who really need to be information literate) giving up on electronic
databases because (to quote one who was honest and direct to a fault)
"Every time I come in, the directions are different.  Who need this s**t?!"
I find myself agreeing with this attitude more and more.  Is our purpose
to teach students how to find information and make use of it, or to teach
a seemingly endless series of new and different commands to achieve what
was achieved before?

I'm not against change for the better, but increasingly what I see is
change for change's sake in the pursuit of market share.  Forget the
bells and whistles--give us (and students) solid, well-designed, functional
programs and stick with them for a while!


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