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Dear Group,
With the coming new school season approaching I would like to start
compiling a list of software for us "network" administrators to look
at. I will compile afull listing to re-post to LM_NET.

I would like to keep the software titles to those that are network-able
including CD-ROM titles. As I and others have reported before you do
not always need a network version of software to be network-able so
please specify if you have purchased a special  network version or the
single user in a network environment.
I am also looking for more than just the standard MAS - Follet type

The following are examples from our school:

1992 Groliers single user, CD-ROM ,MPC version , full network compatible.

Spanish Assistant, single user, DOS version, full network compatible.

Constitution Papers, single user, CD-ROM version, full network compatible.

* Just a note for the sake of being fair - the market place is made
for the single user 386 or better buyer - We fell no qualms about
placing single user software on the network in a muti-user environment
BUT we do believe in purchasing licenses. On the above examples you will
find most software vendors will be happy to give you deep discounts on
a purchase of 5 or more of the same product. We personally keep these
aside in the Library and may resell them if we decide to quit using the
product. (The students love to purchase the software for home use even
if it is slightly outdated.) On the other had we will run many CD-ROMs
as single user, but on request - put into the network CD-ROM stack.

On a personal note I would like to hear about your failures as well!
We recently tried the 1994 Comptons CD-ROM version and it failed. We
tried to run it a a single user but out of our CD-ROM stack. Many software
vendors are limiting the drive letter to "D: " or "E:" inadvertently
or sometimes on purpose) that keep them from running on networks.

Don Shields

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