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Hello everyone,
Sorry to be so long in posting this. July has been busier than it should
I received many responses to my question about schools using America
Online and have summarized below what people are using.
Thanks to all who responded.

Several people suugested the book America Online Tour Guide by Tom
Lichty. It is available from the service and in bookstores. Also
recommended was Using America Online, also in the bookstores.

Nancy Wissman offered several keywords to try: teacher, Learning, Kids
and also the areas Pictures of the World and Library of Congress. She
also recommended the leeson plans library in the Teacher's Network. I
can also vouch for this.

Steve Baule uses America Online for e-mail and basic news He also
suggested the NEA and ASCD areas and the internet gopher and archie areas.

Barbara Fiehn also uses NEA online.

Patti Jo Daisy says don't miss Hatrack River, an imaginary community
created by author Orson Scott Card. You get there by typing the keyword
Hatrack River.

Teresa Garrett uses the Scholastic Network and likes the visiting author
area and the History Mystery Game in the Social Studies area. She also
suggests checking out the grants area.

Bob Koechley uses AOL to look for stories of interest in the San Jose Mercury
and to "read" the New York Times.

I just got off America Online before sending this and the opening
screen was touting Time magazine this week and its cover story
on the Internet!

The workshop will be taking place on August 8 and 9 and then a
second sessio will be held August 10 and 11. If any of you are online
that day and want to send us a hello, feel free. The school address
is medfields@aol.com.

Thanks again to all. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Anne Lawless Croak

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