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Dear LM-Netters:

I have a nice problem.  I need to make a decision between good and
bettter. I have been given a generous sum by our Parent Association to
use in networking the library.  My dilemma arises from my wish not to take
advantage of their generosity.  I am going to purchase a file server and
two work stations (with internal CD-Roms) and all the necessary stuff to
get it up and running.  My problem is whether or not I shoud have a third
workstation.  If I go that route I will spend my allottment pretty close
to the limit and not leave me much to buy the furniture to hold all the
equipment.  I work in a k-8 school with 406 students.  I do have a stand alone
machine with a CD-Rom and modem with an internet connection that has Groliers
Electronic encylopedia on it.  I do not think I will network that as I
have gathered that the enclycopedia's video, etc won't work on a network.
So, my question comes down to this:  with 406 students are two workstations
enough?  Our average class sizes range from 22 to 26.  The students come
on a fixed schedule, but are also welcome any time during the day that their
teachers let them come   They also come occasionally as a class to work
on research assignments.  Will two workstations and one stand alone adequately
serve our needs?  Should I leave the stand alone as that or network it, too?
Also, I am debating between a black and white printer or a color one.  At
home I have always had a color printer, so have missed one occasionally
in the library.

I would appreciate any input anyone could give me.

Thanks in advance.

Jan Selby, Librarian
Columbia Catholic School
817 Bernadette Dr.
Columbia, MO 65203
e-mail jselby@bigcat.missouri.edu

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