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I agree with Mark.  If the furniture solution he suggests doesn't work
out, you can usually come up with a table for the hardware.  It doesn't
look as nice and isn't quite as functional, but it will work.  Many, if
not most of us, have done this.  You can't possibly have enough
workstations.  You'll find that when classes are on a project, three
workstations will be busy constantly.  As for printers - I wouldn't go
for the color printer if it meant giving up anything else. None of the
libraries I know have them.  Nor for an inkjet printer.  They run through
cartridges too fast. A laser printer would be nice if you can afford it.
However, I would most likely go for a reliable, quiet dot matrix.  Be
sure that it is a model that doesn't jam up easily and is easy to reload
when it does.  Students can jam up a paper from across the room!

On Mon, 18 Jul 1994, Mark Williams wrote:

> Janet:
> My feeling would be to go for the extra workstation.  It WILL get
> used--heavily!  The prices of furniture designed for search stations are
> outlandish.  You might show these prices to you parent group to
> illustrate why you are having to choose.  Perhaps a parent skilled in
> carpentry could build a piece of furniture designed just for your
> needs/space.  That's what I did, and got a nice piece of furniture,
> precisely fitting our needs, at 1/3 the cost of a catalog item that would
> have been a compromise as to functionality.
> I think it's great that a parent group stumped up the amount of money
> that this project must be costing you.  Congratulations to them, and you!
> Regards,
> Mark

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