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How about  Raymond Briggs' Jim and the Beanstalk, Babette Cole's Prince
Cinders,  Snow White in New York, Jane Yolen's Sleeping Ugly, Famous
seaweed soup (take off on The Little Red Hen), The cowboy and the
black-eyed pea (take-off on Princess and the Pea) and There was an old
woman who lived in a glove. Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes is fun too.

Elaine Seepish
Instructional Resources
Manitoba Education and TrainingOn
Fri, 15 Jul 1994, Diane Durbin wrote:

> I guess you are talking about things like The True Story of the Three
> Little Pigs, Stinky Cheeseman, etc?  I don't know how 6th graders would
> handle Avi's Nothing But the Truth, but it is great for point of view.
> Also for drawing inferences, talking about character, what is truth,
> etc.  Avi never tells you the "answer" to who is right or wrong in this
> book, who is lying or telling the truth, etc. - but you sure draw your
> own opinion based on the story.  It is a great story.
> On Thu, 14 Jul 1994, Joan Brown wrote:
> > Hi Netter, In school working on a summer project to teach point of view with
> > our 6th grade classes.  I received several bibliographies on fractured fairy
> > tales from the Kidsphere list, however knowing the value of this list, I
> > decided to throw this out over the net and see if anyone has developed any-
> > thing along these lines.  Thanks, Joan Brown
> > Snail mail 12 Watergate Dr.
> >            Amawalk Ny l050l      Email <ny001041@mail.nyser.net>
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