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I'm in a high school with almost 1000 students.  I have a new network
this year with 4 stations, and a tower with 7 slots.  There are times
when classes are working that I could use twice as many stations!  Don't
waste your resources on furniture, you can always come up with
something.  My biggest problem is printers.  I can't afford to run
Deskjets.  I have one, and I'll bet I go through a cartridge a week.  My
other three are inexpensive jet printers that the district was surplusing
- the cartridges are cheap and are good enough for most applications
(printing periodical index citations, or other text.  We're not talking
production work here.  But I felt that I had to provide one Deskjet for
printing graphics.  I have not been successful in persuading students to
use the other stations for text, though.  My big problem is that we
cwan't get the printer drivers for the inkjet printers toprint from
Encarta which is our most popular application.  So kids go crazy with our
expensive cartridges.  I decided against a shared laserprinter because I
thought it would be a nightmare for a number of users to sort out their
printouts when things are busy.  Maybe your experiences will be
different...Good luck!

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