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At the request of my Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources I am
posting a job opening we have.  If you are interested in applying for the
position, please phone or fax him directly as listed below.  --Cindy Dobrez

"I am searching for the finest high school librarian/media specialist
candidate in the midwest.  We have a nationally recognized districtwide
technology program available to our students and one of our two extremely
capable librarians has retired.  Working with a budget of $279,712 these
individuals have brought our school district into an outstanding position
regarding technology.  Our school district and board members are committed to
continue this direction in the future.

West Ottawa Public Schools is a district of approximately 6,000 students and
growing at roughly 150 students per year.  Our board and community have
committed themselves to a major $60 million technology upgrade to our ten
buildings.  We are fiber-optic connected.  Voice, data and video are
available to all buildings in an interactive mode.  We utilize satellite TV
systems with our cable TV channels in our community and are actively
developing the internet connection.  We have been recognized by the national
level of school boards association for the technology in our district.  "USA
Today" featured us in their technology and learning coverage in their

We are located on the west side of Michigan on the Lake Michigan shoreline.
We are bordered on the south by Lake Macatawa, and on the north by the Grand
River and Muskegon Lake.  We are an extremely strong community economically.
Our unemployment rate is approximately 2-3% and the predictions for
diversified growth in our community is astounding.  Our community not only
helps us in their financial support, but also volunteering their expertise in
our committee structures.

I am requesting you to please give consideration to those individuals,
librarian/media specialists, who would consider this opportunity and
challenge to carry this prime high school program into the 21st century.
Please contact me, David Farabee, by phone at (616) 395-2380 or fax at (616)
395-2391 as soon as possible.  Also, feel free to forward this message to any
candidate who you are thinking may be a viable candidate for this position.

Thank you for your assistance."

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