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I'm getting ready to take a high school library from little technology to
a CD tower, 10 stations and three lines to link to INTERNET.  I'm
brainstorming the possibilities and the practical applications so I need
advice from all the experts out there.  The actual use of the net in the
library is something I'd like to discuss.  I know there are some students
who already have an account.  They got this through one of the teachers
who has a grant and teaches a class, so these kids would be able to access
on their own and I don't assume responsibility for censoring their searches.
The students who do not have an account  and need to find information on a
certain topic...., should they come for assistance and then I or a library
assistant can log them in through an account that we establish for general
student use?  This would be for gopher for example or for connecting to a
site that may have information for their need.  Should E-mail be
available to them in the library and if so what account would they use?
a general one? but then they would have access to everyone whose mail is
being dropped to that some place.  Certainly enough points to
discuss. Thanks to all those willing to give input .
Olga Erbe
Chaparral High School

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