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 Dear Fellow "Netters - I am trying (with a computer store) to set up a
network in the library which will run Cir/CAt+, a 7 disc Meridian Tower
(with CD-NET as the software) on a Novelle 3.12 network.  I also wanted
two of the computer stations on the network to have CD-Players attached
which would run non-networked CD's from the C: drive (the students would
select an item on the network menu which would take then to a selection
of the cd's running on the non-networked CD player.  So far, we have been
unable to get the Tower programs to work - Conventional memory errors
seem to be the problem.  Are the additional "stand-alone" players the
problem?? Does anyone know how to get around this problem??? Please
reply  to me as soon as possible if you can help!!
*  Lynne J. Webb       Monsignor Kelly High School *
*  Librarian           5950 Kelly Drive            *
*  Msgr. Kelly H.S.    Beaumont, Texas 77707       *
*  lynnew@tenet.edu    Phone (409) 866-2351        *

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