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I was given this information by a friend.  Some of you may be interested in
the information.

A crucial new book for gay teenagers is available free to libraries through
a special offer by the publisher.

The book, entitled  >Two Teenagers in Twenty< is a new edition of an
earlier book, >One Teenager in Ten<, a collection of essays by gay and
lesbian teenagers.  Editor Ann Heron had expanded the new edition with 19
new essays that reflect the realities of being young and gay in the 1990s.

The new release creates mixed feelings for Heron, who was editor of both
editions.  "The new title was meant to show that more and more teenagers
identify as gay and lesbian.  We originally hoped it would symbolize
another change: that it was easier now for gay young people to find
one another.  Unfortunately that was not the case.  The sense of isolation
and despair in the stories I receive in 1993 was even stronger than a
decade ago," said Heron.  Tragically, in fact, one contributor committed
suicide before the book went to press.
"With this new book, we wanted to do still more," continued Alyson.  "So
here's our offer: We'll send a free copy of >Two Teenagers in Twenty< to
any public school or library that requests it.  By taking advantage of this
free offer, librarians could be offering a vital lifeline to some teenager
on the brink of despair."

The offer is good through July 30, 1994.  Requests must be made on library
letterhead and are limited to one book per library.  In hardcover, the
normal retain price is $17.95.
Alyson Press
40 Plympton St.
Boston, MA 02118

Barbara Fiehn,
bfiehn@lps.esu18.k12.ne.us    AOL: BFiehn

        "Where, after all, do human rights begin?  In small places close to
                                Eleanor Roosevelt

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