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We're looking for a few G-R-E-A-T keynote speakers for several educational
technology conferences in the next few years.  I'm sure other conference
planners are always looking for great speakers, and all of us would like to
know who are the "don't miss" names we should be looking for at

I think there are really two categories I'd be interested in hearing your
responses to:  1) Great speakers I have heard and would highly recommend to
others; and 2) People I've never heard speak but I sure would attend a
conference if s/he were a keynoter!

If you'll send your responses directly to me at baumbad@mail.firn.edu, I'll
complile a list and post a HIT!

p.s.  Don't be afraid to dream....we not be able to afford some of the
names on your list, but it never hurts to ask!

Donna J. Baumbach
University of Central Florida

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