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        I was asked to post a hit regarding my query about an internet
connection which offers full services, as I will soon be losing my
university account.  Thanks to all who responded.

Karen Frome

From: Madeline Buchanan <DEMS105@UABDPO.DPO.UAB.EDU>
Subject:      Re: Internet Connection

  My son is on Delphi and is very pleased with the service he gets from them.
He gets 20 free hours a month plus Internet for $23.00.  The only drawback
is that it can only be used from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. without a huge
surcharge ($9.00 per hour).  The cost for going over the 20 hours from
6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. is $1.80.  Call Delphi for more information and five
free hours at 1-800-695-4005 or email to info@delphi.com
  I subscribed to America Online at the first of the month for 10 free hours.
America Online has partial Internet access such as email and usenet and will
soon have other services as gopher, veronica, and others.  Cost is $9.95 per
month for 5 free hours but you can use it any time during the day.  If you
decide to go with America Online, please let me know and I will send your
name in on their recommend-a-friend program.
  Some people recommend Compuserve, but I am not familiar with that on-line
service.  Several have said to avoid Prodigy, mainly because of the time you
must spend reading their advertisements.

   Madeline L. Buchanan           Barrett Elementary School
   Library Media Specialist       7601 Division Avenue
   DEMS105@UABDPO.DPO.UAB.EDU     Birmingham, Alabama  35206
                                  Phone (205) 838-7644


From: Bonnie Fulmer <GBF1@MARISTB.MARIST.EDU>

Dear Karen,
     It's my understanding that the only commercial service that
DOES offer full Internet access is Delphi. Compuserv, America Online,
Genie, etc. do not offer FTP, for example. (You should verify this
for yourself; it's what I've been told.)  I think you need something
like ProComm to connect to Delphi.  The number is 800-365-4636.
Have a credit card ready, and you can register online.  I think
you get 5 hours' free trial when you sign up this way.
Their voice number is 800-695-4005.  Their e-mail address is
info@delphi.com.  I think they cost about $16 a month, and I don't
know if there's an hourly connect rate on top of that.  This is
info I got from one friend, a computer guru, to help ANOTHER teacher
friend who moves to Cape Cod each summer.  She was looking for a
way to connect out there, while she's away from our area.  The
long-distance telephone charges to reach her account were killing
her.  Now she can have her e-mail automatically forwarded to her
Delphi account at no cost, and do her telnetting, FTPing, etc.
via Delphi.  The Delphi charges are cheaper than the phone charges
     Good luck!
                                       Bonnie Fulmer

Dear Karen,

PS   The college I connect through offers free accounts to its
alumni.  Students are issued a new account that begins with an
A, that's all.  And Marist gives me MY account for free, too.
I'm a local educator who asked nicely, and the G in my address
is for guest.  I have to ask to have it renewed every 6 months,
but it's certainly worth that.  You might consider asking your
alma mater about an alumni account, or if you have some other
university in the area and you're an educator, you might ask
for a courtesy account.  It's worth a try!!!!


I would appreciate receiving a Hit list of any useful information you
receive.  I am trying to get accounts for the teachers at our school.

Sara Mockett, Librarian
Seattle Country Day School
2619 4th Ave. N.,Seattle,WA 98109


There is a company called CRL that provides reasonable rates, I'm told.
Sorry, I don't know their address or phone number, but try calling
800-555-1212 for a toll free number.  It seems to me that in the ad I saw
there was an 800 number.  Good luck!

Mary Jameson / Troy R-III HS Librarian
711 West College
Troy, MO 63379 USA
FAX 314 528 2411    EMAIL mjameson@services.dese.state.mo.us

I think in your area you might try wln.com (or wln.net, not sure), and
also eskimo.com. I logged into eskimo.com once and was quite disgusted
with the menu system, which seemed unweildy and childish to me. I
don't know much about them though, nor wln.com.

Carl Reimann

delphi seems to have what you are looking for and the price is pretty good.

Good Luck.

 Michael D. King      |    |     |   |      |    | (513) 381-4033
 WCET/Channel 48      |    |_____|_  |______|    | mking@tso.uc.edu
 Education Tech. Rep. |          |   |      |    | gncet349@llohio.ll.pbs.org
 Cincinnati, Ohio     |          |   |______|    | P.B.S.

     I have my own personal account with Delphi on the $20 per month for
20 hours, and it works just fine.  You may want to look at a book called
Find it Online by Berkman, which presents a wonderful analysis of the
various internet information providers.  For me, the best deal is Delphi,
unless you have a local provider who can provide you with more time for
the same cost as Delphi.   Good Luck!  Kevin Miles 305-579-0834

 Karen, Netcom is a provider which has dial up access in Seattle. The
rate is $19.50 startup and $17.50/mo there after. I found this to be one of
the better deals since they dont charge by the hour. The $17.5 is a flat fee.
For info call 1-800-501-8649. The cost includes full internet service. If
you need anymore info just email. Good luck!

Dave Elias


Good question.  Right now I'm using America Online which costs $9.95 a month
for 5 hours.  That's not bad.  Unfortunately, I have to use a long distance
number to tap into it.  That means costly phone bills.

Can you post a "hit" on this?  I'd be interested in knowing if there is a
cheaper source.

Marilyn Joyce, Library Media Specialist
Brewer High School, Brewer, Maine
address <cyberlib@aol.com>

Dear Karen,
        I am writing to you my home computer using DELPHI connections to interne
 t.  Del
 phi offers the full
range of services you want. I accessed ERIC, have e-mail, LM_NET, etc. I have
to pay a toll call for each use as there is no local node.  It adds up, but I'm
learning to read FAST & type fast as a result. Best of luck  Barbara WAlker
P.S. They have an 800 number for opening an account & 5-hours free
Dial by modem:  1-800-365-4636  Or just look for an ad in the NY Times or a
computer magazine.

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