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Hi folks,

At at the last Minnesota Education Media Organization (MEMO) Board of
Directors meeting, the Publications Committee was given the charge of
writing guidelines and/or policies for its relatively new MEMO gopher and

Since my number one rule of policy writing is never create what can be
stolen, I am asking you folks to tell me something about your state library
media organization's very own listservs and/or gophers (or WWW sites,
etc.), and if you have policies which help govern them.

I would like to further call upon the creative talents of all LM_Netters
about what _should_ be included in such policies.

I will, of course, create a "hit" list of state library/media association
Internet resources, and share the wisdom of the group regarding policies.

If any of this has already been done, please let me know.

As always,


Doug Johnson, District Media Supervisor | Never raise your hand to your
Mankato Public Schools, ISD77           | children; it leaves your
Box 8713, Mankato MN 56001-8713         | midsection unprotected.
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