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Dear CORE LM_NET Members,

   I received the following message from Mel Roseman, and will heed his
advice.  It is unfortunate that we have to respond in this way, since it
will drastically affect the ways in which CORE members can interact with
LM_NET discussions.

   Please read the following message from Mel very carefully, and save it,
since your access to LM_NET will be radically different once you have been

Peter Milbury, for LM_NET

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sat, 28 May 1994 08:05:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: Mel Roseman <mrosema@eis.calstate.edu>
To: Peter Milbury <pmilbur@eis.CalState.EDU>
Cc: Mike Eisenberg <mike@suvm.acs.syr.edu>
Subject: Mail Lists on CORE

        Gleason Sackman, as moderator of Net-Happenings, was able to identify
all his CORE susbscribers and send us a note telling us that he was zapping
our subscriptions and that we didn't have to send the listserv a message.
Can you do the same for LM_NET?  It would not only be helpful; you could also
include this bit of intelligence:

CORE users can continue uninterrupted LM_NET participation by doing this:

Choose   [c]  Computer Conferencing    from the CORE SERVICES menu.
Press [return] twice.
Press  y   (yank in)
Press  g  schl.sig.lmnet    (get schl.sig.lmnet -- note the spelling!)
press  s   (subscribe)

        That's all there is to it.  If people have problems, they can
email to mrosema@ctp.org for help.

                                                - Mel

Mel Roseman
Internet: mrosema@ctp.org

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