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I have an emergency request from our assistant superintendent in charge
of compliance, who has a meeting this afternoon (Wednesday) with the
court monitor. City Hall insists that if the schools use space more
efficiently (30 kids per room, 8 periods per day), we'll have enough
space in the secondary schools for the next ten years.  We disagree.
Our population is growing. We in the secondary schools are also moving
toward personalizing education--school within a school, mentoring,
advisory groups, house plans, more social services on campus. We feel
the court monitor will support personalization as a means to end the
vestiges of segregation.

Could anyone help with the following:

(1) What is the effect on room utilization when you go to forms
of personalization? Does anyone have any figures? Specifics?

(2) What is the effect on students and teachers of *perceived*
overcrowding (never having access to own rooms, etc.)? I need specifics.

Thanks for any help you can give! Please send direct to me. I'll forward
or post or whatever if anyone is interested in these questions.

              Katie Filipowicz, Library Media Specialist
 Lincoln High School, 375 Kneeland Ave., Yonkers, New York 10704 USA
Phone: (914) 376-8392      Internet: ny001142@mail.nyser.net


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