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Regarding the Surpass OPAC/Circ software...

We have been using Surpass for the past three years district-wide (7
bldgs.)  We are generally satisfied with its performance.

It's easy to take for granted all of the nice things (many) that the
software can do for you; it's also easy to point to a few shortcomings.  As
I see it, the "hits" and "misses" look something like this:


- user-friendly interface
- excellent tech support
- reliability
- reports/stats
- flexibility


- clearing reserved items
- fines/ledger adjustments
- MicroLIF import idiosyncrasies
- MARC record editing

Since our Media Technician handles most of the circulation, she's most
frustrated with reserves and the ledger (lost books, etc.).  I deal more
with the catalog and really miss the ability to globally edit a subject
heading.  Wouldn't it nice to be able to cut the "Juvenile literature" on
"Drugs--Fiction--Juvenile literature" ONCE and have it removed from EVERY
record rather than having to do it item by item.  Danny Humphress has
indicated that this feature is "coming"--but so far, it's vaporware.

In spite of this, if we were to make the decision over again, we'd choose
the same software.

J. Perkins, Media Specialist            Media Center
jperkins@po-1.star.k12.ia.us            Urbandale Middle School
515-254-2203                            Urbandale, IA  50035

"For a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the quality of
life, please press 3."
                                        -Alice Kahn

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